ARROW Automotive are the leading importers of stainless steel and black quality automotive aftermarket products. Our aim is to provide our clients with exceptional products and services with quality and stock holding as a major factor in ARROW being able to supply to the industry. We believe our products are a must for clients looking to style their beloved vehicles for great value for money

Arrow Automotive is the South African subsudiary for Winbo Donjian China and a DJCORP group company. We are officially the 90th outlet for Winbo and KSL Offroad worldwide. With our international footprint, it allows us to be the leading importer of stainless steel, black and off-road products in the country. Large scale development capabilities coupled with international designs, allow us to provide our customers with exceptional products and quality, while being able to offer an affordable accessory for your vehicle.

We believe that our products are a must for any customer looking to improve the look and protection of their vehicle.










Tailgate Assist

Arrow is proud to announce our upcoming new product. The tailgate assist. All the kits locally available only assist with the opening of the tailgate, this still makes closing your trucks tailgate an issue. Tailgate Assist does exactly that, assists with closing and opening. Available soon at all Arrow Authorized outlets.


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